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Day 687
DAY 686 
Day 683 Happy Batman Day!!!!!!
To all my friends going to Comic Con this week, have a fun and safe trip!
day 680
Day 679
Brianne and I saw Dawn of The Planet of the Apes tonight
Day 678
Day 677
Was honored to be asked to be one of the judges for the Nickelodeon Tumblr Fan Art Competition this past week. :) Had a great time and got to see tons of great art!nickanimationstudio:

We got a whollllle bunch of amazing artists from the studio together to view the official Nickelodeon Tumblr Fan Art Competition entries and pick their top faves! We ooh’d, we aah’d, we laughed, we cried..and ate a lot of pizza. There may have been an argument or two but no one was injured and we all left as great friends!A big THANK YOU to our panel of judges (and their Tumblr handles):
Adam Lucas (adamlucasart)
Brianne Drouhard (briannedrouhard)
Bryan Konietzko (bryankonietzko)
David VanTuyle (davidvantuyledraws) 
Felipe Smith (felipesmithart)
Jeremy Bernstein 
Jermaine Jose (jermainejose)
Kelly Gollogly
Liana Hee (lianahee) 
Madeleine Flores (madeleineishere)
Monica Ray (montiray)
Michael DiMartino (michaeldantedimartino)
Nick Sumida (nsumida)
Robert Iza (izaart)
Ryan Stapleton (stapes86)
Sarah Marino (sarahmarino)
Can’t wait to announce the winners soon!!